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Yi Cheng accompanied driving services, Ltd, Harbin, is approved by the Harbin city industry and Commerce Department of professional car accompanied driving, and training institutions. For different areas of the company accompanied driving vehicles offer a professional, is currently engaged in the specialty of accompanied driving Learning Center, Harbin, company free home pick up form, allowing you to "stay at home" will be able to enjoy quality services.
we of accompany driving sparring member are is has 10 years above driving age, and Shanghai nationality people, holds coaches card of professional accompany driving coach, Harbin Yi Cheng accompany driving, and Harbin accompany driving, and Harbin accompany driving company, and Harbin car sparring, and Harbin accompany driving price, and Harbin accompany driving which home company good, and Harbin which home accompany driving best will for different students of reality tailored developed rationalization, and systematic of accompany driving training courses; we of vehicles is Harbin licence, equipped with Deputy brake of new car, You at any time are high or downtown practice; before boarding, we will work with you to sign legal agreement on accompanied driving, all predicated on student safety! Yi Cheng accompanied driving services, Ltd, Harbin
students and invested heavily in management coaches, introduction of accompanied driving is a professional management system for vehicle monitoring using GPS satellite position monitoring system, strict management, our staff will monitor the whole process, to ensure safety.
"specialized training, human services", General Motors accompanied driving in the continuous improvement efforts, and strive to become a professional in Harbin of accompanied driving brand!
Yi Cheng accompanied driving services, Ltd, Harbin has a high quality sparring team company strict with sparring, institutionalized, standardized management, and certificates.

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