Summer car tips

On the drive, many owners have a lot of bad habits, how to drive better cars, cars should pay attention to in the process of what?
1. air conditioning cycling
air conditioning has a "cycle" button, press this button is intended for internal circulation of air inside the compartment, when the doors and Windows closed all air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency "assimilation", you can save energy. But for a long time, inside the train becomes increasingly opaque, even oxygen. The best practice is to switch every once in a while, the outer loop, turn the air conditioning on matter.
2. should not drive too low
car air conditioning to cool the friends, like the thermostat very low car. Doing so is harmful to the human body temperature too much, but the body's endocrine system and vulnerable to disease.
in addition, the fuel consumption will also increase, give us and our wallets hard. Under normal circumstances, its interior temperature to ambient temperature difference of 5 ° c ~6 ° c, and at midday can be slightly larger. Owners should be adjusting the temperature control to the outdoor temperature.
3. regular cleaning wiper for owners,
, wiper resting on the windshield, but routine maintenance is very easy to turn a blind eye, used to know they have a problem. Wiper Blade maintenance is very simple. Car wash at a time to do nothing but wash Windows, best is to use glass cleaning liquid to clean the wiper, wiper's life longer.
4. rain washing
muddy in the rainy season, face the car damaged, in order to keep the "face", recommends washing the car as much as possible. In addition, the acid in the rain also would harm car paint, not processed in a timely manner, as time passes, car paint will be bleak. Meanwhile, the attack of water will rust the car's chassis, so don't forget to clean the chassis after heavy rain.

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