Process of changing a tire

1. remove the tire
after all the preparations, you can begin to change the first step: remove the tire. Demolition is to note when changing a tire, don't come up with a Jack to lift up car, should the tyre retention screws with a socket wrench loosen in the diagonal order, to Jack up the vehicle after partial lifting up. If you lift up the car, you will find that because there is no point to be fixed under the screws. Note to remove the retaining screw of the wheel force direction: counter-clockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten. In addition, because fixed-wheel screw is very tight, so we can use the whole body. After you loosen the screws one by one, we could use Jack vehicle locally rising. When Jack is used to note: card slot cars were placed on both sides at the end of the Jack and jacks must be placed in the slot, to avoid accidents. After jacking up, loosen the screws turn easily unscrewed, then overall winning tire, this also means that the tire removal completed successfully.
2. equipment tire
, want to do is settle equipment tire. Prior to installation, we want to make sure the spare tire tire pressure is normal, and if the spare tire used before, to spare tire treads do a simple check to see if there are scratches, stones caught in the cracks. Below, is an equipment to make out. Before you install the spare tire, it is best to remove the tires placed underneath to avoid Jack vehicle three-wheeled accidents caused dislocation. After that you can replace the spare tire, in this process is the most hard spare tire to align with the fixing screw of the wheel, the car rise too high, bring spare tires is very high. The author recommends that the tires had better find someone to help, if a persons legs or feet against the spare tire is recommended to prevent displacement. In twist screws Shi remember don't according to clockwise or inverse clockwise will screws followed by twist Shang, but to according to diagonal of order to twist screws, to figure in the models for cases, fixed tire of is five star screws, we first with diagonal of way twist Shang four star, zhihou again twist Shang fifth star screws, and in twist screws Shi best each star screws twist of circle number keep consistent, to guarantee screws by force uniform. Five screw it on, then we can remove the jacks (at the pad under the car's tires removed), the vehicle back to the ground and after that follow when removing the tire, rely on the physical forces tighten the screw, is likewise in a diagonal way. BACK
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