Parking in underground garages must bear in mind that the five elements

One is to slow down the library.
Shanghai Library made too elegant, painted on the ground. This law is not scientific. Especially on rainy days, met paint wet tire skid, Curry is more curved. Under the drive if you don't slow down, his car wiped the wall doesn't count, also clean the touch the other person's car,
Second, carefully reversing.
Shanghai Library is small, is a test to reversing technology. Some libraries, there are lift-type steel parking Board, technology is not home, also does not go into the plate-and-frame; even car or do not have complete car is scraped. Recommend reversing unskilled friends, in
more practice on the ground. There is also a simple way: the fear back, simply to avoid the kind of lift type steel parking Board, find a parking space.
on the third, decisive.
uphill is very steep, if hesitant, it is easy to stall in the Middle, pour slip accident. On libraries charging port is set in the middle of the Hill, especially vigilant because in this local paid parking, slope, is difficult. Hand brake
didn't tune up to suffer, and automatic transmission car show advantages right now.
four is to wait patiently.
library space is small, the operation is difficult, and experts to understand new, wait, do not repeatedly hit the lights by loudspeaker urged people.
five is to maintain distance. BACK
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