What type of oil is best?

Now drive a friend more and more, we have also increasingly focused on car maintenance. Names in the numerous and complex auto maintenance market, often vehicle owners to expensive to keep a car costs and choose what kind of oil to worry about. Be the sentence: buying a car easier to keep it. So, what kind of oil conservation is the best car?
raised car first raised "heart" synthesis oil more save money
recently reporter in visited more than maintenance shop and cars main Hou, found has oil using of two a trend: a is everyone are think vehicles conservation to with good oil, like many people has for car replaced synthesis oil; II is according to vehicles situation selection right of oil products, as unified collection can points mileage conservation on compared popular.
visits, reporters feel owners for maintenance of vehicles more rational, with the accumulation of knowledge and experience, many vehicle owners friends have oil can be independently selected for their car. They are generally aware, engine is the car's "heart", vehicle maintenance is the most important engine of the care and maintenance of engines is, of course, makes it the most important methods are the most effective lubrication. Correct use of oil can not only prolong the service life of the engine, but also saves fuel, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Good motor oil, synthetic motor oil in addition to the Microsoft malware protection engine in particular, reduced oil change number, can also save on fuel costs. If improper selection or just cheaper to buy inferior quality products, can cause early wear of the engine, reducing engine life, which can also cause "cylinder holding w" and other accidents.
using a good oil, particularly synthetic oil, vehicles is crucial for his help. Jiangxi under master Wang to let Special Representative, he has a record to be proud of today--more than 1 million kilometers without overhauls, open the rental of these years he used a "fuel oil", is actually a synthetic motor oil with energy-saving effect. According to press reports, the oil is now has just unified energy-saving product reviews, traffic, and SM5W/30 products. Wang Shifo, compared with private cars and taxis frequently every day starting and braking, the engine's loss is particularly serious, oil of choice is very important. BACK
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