Highway speed limits how much is safe?

The provisions of the road traffic safety law, vehicles on the expressway, when speed is more than 100 kilometers, and lane keeping more than 100 meters distance, speed below 100 km per hour when it would be appropriate to shorten the distance and lane vehicle, but more than 50 meters distance. Vehicles on high-speed avoided were behind large trucks, truck body high, easily blocking the line of sight, and some truck cargo easy to fall, if following too close to vehicles and be unable to escape, especially for open freight cars to pay more attention to keeping distance, don't car for too long. The first lane to lane on the highway, while overtaking, it can temporarily borrow police recommends that the vehicle was not driving in the lane for a long time on the freeway, 2nd lane will be safer as far as possible, another car as little as possible, change lanes, because cars in speeding cases often change lanes can easily lead to tire and rolled over. BACK
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