Summer driving, how to deal with the Sun?

In summer, when cast by the Sun on the road or on the water, direct irritation of the eyes, so that the eyes are dazzling, fatigue, no lasting Visual. Especially when you are driving a car, outdoor recreation activities, not only affects our emotional work and play, and even affect our judgment cause danger to images; subjected to direct sunlight for a long time, can also lead to rapid decline in vision, forming such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or cataracts. Summer sun is so harmful to our eyes, the drivers how to resist sun damage to eyes?
hot summer drivers were wearing sunglasses while driving can withstand the glare of the Sun, full filter ultraviolet rays and does not affect the Visual estimation to ensure traffic safety. Dyeing and polarized lenses sunglasses on the market at present, the best driver is wearing Polarized Sunglasses, because ordinary sunglasses just darkens the light, unable to filter and block harmful rays; and polarized lenses can be completely blocked due to scattering, reflection, such as the blinding glare caused by various factors. Polarized lenses in the car was wearing also can weaken the strong light, without prejudice to the eye, ultraviolet, can effectively guarantee the safety. Polarized lenses special effect is effectively removed and filtered beam of scattered light. The transmission axis of the rays are on the right track into Visual images in the eyes, the vision clear and natural. Venetian blind like the principle, the light is adjusted to enter the room with the light, nature makes the scene look soft and not harsh. Drivers had better prepare for a deep and a shallow sunglasses. When the Sun is not strong, you can select the light absorbing effect is good lens wear, such as Brown, grey, dark green, and so on. Because Brown filter blue light is more thorough, and gray had little effect on the color and brightness of the lens. Sun is especially strong when dark. BACK
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