Summer to prevent spontaneous combustion in vehicles

Summer the most fear of spontaneous combustion and a puncture, spontaneous combustion occurs mostly in more than 3 years old car, high middle and low car could happen. There are two main causes of spontaneous combustion: 1, vehicle oil leaks, by high temperature combustion of fuel. 2, vehicle electrical systems are damaged, short circuit or poor contact sparking causing spontaneous combustion in vehicles. Professional circuit and circuit check the best professional repair shop, his daily check of the main circuit and the circuit has no apparent leakage damage. First of all, look at the bottom of the transmission there is no leakage, check to see if the tubing is broken interface there is no grease then check injectors for leakage, many old cars engine gearbox were covered with a thick layer of sludge at the bottom, the best time to clean it off. Circuit check, depending on the wiring harness connectors have loosened, and did all kinds of wire breakage. Hot tire pressure not to expect too much, easy to puncture. Meanwhile, more rain in summer, it is best to check tread depth, shallow tread, poor drainage is very dangerous in the rain. BACK
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