Vehicle paint rust do?

Paint surface rust appears, in addition to the usual bumps, scratches, but driving tires bounced small stones on the surface, would create an Exfoliating paint spots, over time it will have a small rust spots. Most of these small scars because in small, easy to overlook. Therefore, usually to periodically check the bodywork, engine hatch cover and body around, once found to the beauty shop for processing in a timely manner.
vehicle en route, encountered sleet or passing through muddy water road is a unavoidable thing underneath some gaps and the floor is easy to accumulate sludge, if not cleaned in time, this will allow humidity to hide. Therefore, the wheel edge, inside and outside the door, the bottom of the suitcase corner, door lock and wipers movable parts, be sure to check, at the same time to maintain the doors and body the drainage hole open, check the car cover climate, such as carpet, protect the floor parts rust. Paint soft vehicles at high speeds in the process of sand particles may also cause small scratches on car body. For this type of vehicle, can give the body a glaze, it can form a mesh of a solid protective film, improve surface hardness, the effect can be kept for about a year. And coating can achieve a similar effect. In addition, the chassis armor for vehicles can or plastic, which protects the chassis rain resistance, corrosion-proof, so that the original cover difficult to dry, deciduous, can also prevent the impact of small stones on the chassis. Vehicles parked outside, if there are windy and rainy weather, garment layers will repeatedly take a taxi in paint, especially if the clothing into the sand, tiny scratches on the vehicle body to draw numerous road, for a long time can also cause the paint black. In addition, directly after the sand sand with a duster or rag cleaning MIT, but rinse with water, but also in order to prevent sand scratching the paint on the dusters and cleaning cloths. BACK
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